Quelques idées de tatouages subtils à réaliser sur vos doigts.

20 idées de tatouages discrets pour les doigts

cross tattoo, but on ring finger as a mark of belief that Christ should be the foundation of marriage. A cross on my finger as a purity ring that i can never lose also as a reminder that no matter how much any man loves me, God will always love me more.

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What a beautiful tattoo! The pattern reminds me of traditional Slavic embroidery designs. It has nothing to do with the semicolon project but I'm saving this idea for the future.

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Sun tattoo but perhaps a bit smaller, maybe a lighter colour like grey?

Como diria Gossip Girl: “Ombros amigos vão e voltam, mas uma best friend é para sempre”. E a tattoo também! Inspire-se com as opções da galeria.

What can be a better way than to stamp your eternal friendship with a permanent best friend tattoo! Here is the best collection of bff tattoos for you.


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little antler tat from two branches. Would probably be dated someday but I still think it's awesome.