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Trashing coworkers

Trashing coworkers

But I know it won't be..cuz I've already been warned about October when the restrictions get lifted..but it's ok..I'll see you, we'll say what needs to be said and hopefully you'll know then..and only then..why you'll always be a distraction...not an action.

The last time I saw you-was hoping it WAS the last time Ecard. This is perfect for my ex b.


Funny Breakup Ecard: I want to be there when karma ass-fucks you with a cactus.

#TwoFaced-- Ecards!! You must get tired...too funny!

Two faced fake pretend friends who are nice to your face and talk behind your back. This applies to bitchy ass family members too.

For my work people

deffenitly me and marylin hahahaa

I'm totally a Loudmouth Bitch! :)

If by "Loudmouth Bitch" you mean intelligent, sarcastic, witty, and not afraid to speak my mind. Then yes, I'm a loudmouth bitch.

Oh you have a WIC card instead of a job? By all means, please have another child.

Yep I had a WIC card and guess what? I had 1 damn kid bc can barely afford him.

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Someone who respects me, makes me smile and doesn't try to control me or make my life a living hell!