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лужа (puddle) by Alexey Menschikov on 500px

Using a little Photoshop wizardry, Russian photographer Alexey Menschikov is able to conjure up all kinds of unusual and strange images loaded with repetitio.


This is actually a manipulated photograph, but I have always been partial to the linear quality of circuit boards so I slipped this image into the drawing folio .


The Shadows – The surreal photographs of Alexey Menschikov

Shadow Photography - L’artiste russe Alexey Bednij nous propose des manipulations photographiques impressionnantes, jouant avec talent sur les ombres. Illustrant de véritables patchworks entre silhouettes en noir & blanc et ombres, le rendu nous plonge dans un univers simple et réussi, avec des visuels parfaitement exécutés.

Shadow Photography

Shadow photographs – Alexey Bednij Summer is the season of long shadows and it is them, that Russian photographer Alexey Bednij found his inspiration.


えぇっこれ現実?! 影の魔術師の超絶写真に目がポーン

The Russian artist / photographer Alexey Bednij takes pleasure in playing with the shadows, creating amazing surrealist photographs. A highly original work where the shadows take place like puzzle pieces, mixing the real and the imaginary… Trully awesome!

There’s definitely something amazing about these double exposure photographs by Aneta Ivanova . Beautiful landscapes are layered behind the silhouettes of pretty girls, creating an amazing  juxtaposition. It feels like the girls are in search of their souls but their minds are stuck in a specific location.

Aneta Ivanova — photography - Here some minimal black & white images from Varna, Bulgaria based photographer, Aneta Ivanova.

André Kertész - Paris (1930)

Child kicking ball, ca Andre - Untitled, 1930 From André Kertész (Editions Hazan)