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I know birds aren't popular on here, but here are my two beautiful birds, Ava and Levi who are madly in love.

From parakeets to lovebirds, cockatiels to parrotlets, these feathery pet parrots are full of plucky personality.


Ultramarine Lorikeet (Vini ultramarina) restricted to Marquesas Islands of Nuku Hiva, Ua Pu and Ua Huka World Population: Found above ft), montane forest. Also has been seen in banana, coconut and mango plantations in coastal areas.

loritos.....esos videos ...están muy buenos....

pearl-nautilus: fat-birds: Cuddle Birds by Evan Bell on Love Birds

Baby Black masked Lovebirds by ~niteflower on deviantART

Parrots are some of the most beautiful birds in the world and there is nothing more adorable than cute baby parrots. But did you know that parrots are born naked (without feathers) and completely blind?

A beautiful Moluccan Cockatoo

[Salmon-crested Cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis) also known as the Moluccan Cockatoo, is a cockatoo endemic to the south Moluccas in eastern Indonesia] My favorite cockatoo! Life is peachy for this gorgeous bird. I love that sweet peachy color.

Land of BIRDS

Land of BIRDS

Rosey Bourkes Parakeet.

Rosey Bourke’s Parakeet-are a lot less noisy than most keets and are perfect apartment pets! Are gentle and peaceful and can get along well with cockatiels and finches but is not recommended to cage them together. Miss my Pinky and Loki