Always themselves

Taurus and Virgo. It amazes me how many times I find them in the same quote. no wonder my Virgo & I struggle- although we should understand each other the best because we have the similarities.

Don't believe in zodiac nonsense but they really nailed this time!

Taurus ♉ will be patient until that is worn thin. Wears thin w/ lack of consideration & instability.

Zodiac City

~Taurean Pinner's note: if a Taurean's heart turns to "coal", You should RUN. - my daughters are Taurus

Pisces Daily Fun Fact

Only three things Taurus truly want from their partners are trust, trust and trust

Ugh. I have people who don't pay attention in class. Like don't fucken ask me!! Pay the fuck attention and then maybe you'd know duh.

Dont expect me to depend on u for shit i will find what i need somewhere else. I dont play these mind games with no one.