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Discuss episodes 5 and 6 of The Time I Loved You!

​The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days episodes 5 & 6: "Push Me. Pull You?"

Kim Ji Suk's teacher character on Cheer Up is the best!

Cheer Up! Episodes 1 & 2 Recap: Friends and Foes

If someone did that to me, then I'd know he's perfect!

"How you feel when you find a fellow kdrama fan . LOL" -It's Just One Big Happy Family so very true. and we all swoon over the incredibly hot actors.

Second Lead Syndrome is no joke! Watch THREE handsome guys pursue the same girl in Madam Antoine tonight!

In Creating Destiny the male lead's sister totally picked the wrong guy. Not sure what drama is depicted in the meme.

Ji Soo

Actor Ji Soo collaborated with fashion brand 'BASSO HOMME' on March 22 perfecting the boyfriend look just in time for the spring weather.

#ScarletHeart_Ryeo #cast

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Lee Joon Gi IG Update 🤗I want to say thank you to all the love and support my fans have been giving me from all over the world.🌍🌎🗺❤ I’m particularly happy that this new drama series.

We're obsessed with BtoB's Sungjae in School 2015! Marathon the entire series on DramaFever! #TeamTaeKwang

BTOB Sungjae (for drama Who Are You: School ~ in the past, present and future, I love you forever (예지앞사)

Santao Claus LMAO...I'm done. I'm done with this fandom, I'm done with this band XD ~ Merry Krismas everyone!!!

Haha sanTAO if only he could've got my oppas under my tree