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Gameplayaholic: Sunset Overdrive gameplay en trailer [Xbox One]

Insomniac unveils Sunset Overdrive gameplay footage, Day One Edition

The Legendary Pokémon That Only Hackers Own

The Legendary Pokémon That Only Hackers Own

Late last year, hackers discovered 3 Pokemon hidden inside the code of Pokemon X and Y. These Pokemon were named Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa. Although they look awesome, GameFreak sadly didn't inclu.

DayZ officially going standalone with Bohemia Interactive with Rocket as Project Lead!

The end of the beginning

DayZ creator to stay at Bohemia until hes notneeded - Dean 'Rocket' Hall may have plans to leave Bohemia Interactive and set up his own studio to explore multiplayer survival games, but the DayZ creator has reassured that he'll

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Some more gameplay footage of Donkey Kong in action within Skylanders Superchargers has arrived. Donkey Kong in Skylanders was an unexpected but very welcome surprise and looks like he could be quite .

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Gears of War Ultimate Edition: War Zone Kill Rampage Gameplay

Ahead the Gears of War 4 launch, series creator Cliff Bleszinski promises that fans will be pleased with what developer The Coalition is working on.

Sunset Overdrive Fond dcran HD !

Could Xbox One exclusives Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 be arriving on PC?

Splatoon (Splatoon)

Popular Japanese Publication Famitsu has shared a couple of small details about Splatoon in a new update. Within this information the control scheme is shown a long with a couple of other small tidbit.

splatoon mario leak - Google Search

Leak: More evidence for Splatoon/Super Mario Sunshine crossover appears

Is Sony working on the PlayStation Vita 3000? [UPDATE] | VG247

Sony is working hard to replenish Playstation Vita stock amid strong sales

That games!

Horror Adventure ‘Layers of Fear: Legacy’ Gets Switch Release Window With Exclusive Remastered Updates

sonic boom artwork - Google Search

Sonic Boom, the latest entry in the Sonic franchise, and last game in the Nintendo/Sega Sonic exclusivity deal is launching very soon on the Wii U and with the seeing Sonic Boom Shattered Cry.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse intro

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse devs on the art style, missing copy ability, faster movement thanks to the GamePad

Oh my fucking god! Yes!

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were announced just a few days ago in a brief 30 second trailer which told us just about nothing other then the game is coming. There was no gameplay footage, no .