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So sadddddd!!!!!!!

just watched this. i will be forever sad.

Assista aos novos trailers do especial de 50 anos de "Doctor Who"

(video) For all those Whovians. The Day of the Doctor - OFFICIAL trailer - Doctor Who Anniversary Special omg I've got goose bumps

~Martha Jones is a star and so frickin unique. She illustrates a common life trope which isn't expressed nearly as much as others in film and media. That of almost heartbreak, acceptance and moving on. She saw the importance, the brilliance of the Doctor and had as much of it as she could, but she saw that there were others who needed her, and she couldn't ignore them. So she stayed with her family and loved the Doctor from afar.~

MARTHA JONES WAS AMAZING- NO ARGUEMENTS<Exactly! She was Fantastic!<<< This is why I loved Martha. I don't understand why a lot of people hate her. If it's because they couldn't get over Rose that's like hating eleven because ten was amazing.

Doctor Who Confidential: David Tennant's farewell he cries saying goodbye!! Ya I can't watch this. :(

Doctor Who Confidential: David Tennant's farewell he cries saying goodbye! Ya I can't watch this. Pin now watch later.

The first doctor William Hartnell and the eleventh doctor Matt Smith.. The Doctor has seen a lot in 50 years!


One and Eleven are polar opposites - It's incredible how Matt portrays the old soul so well! (Why does this make me so sad?

This. My favorite scene from the premiere. We were all Clara. The Doctor has changed, he is different. He didn't want to change, but he had to. And instead of considering him and his struggles we're so stuck on the "I miss Matt, I want my Doctor; my young, dashing hero," that we forgot that this IS the Doctor. This is OUR Doctor. And our Doctor doesn't even know who he is! And he needs Clara. And he needs us. And all he wants is for us to recognize him and to know we know he hasn't gone…

This was so sad - and such a reminder that this is still the Doctor. He acts so much like 11 it's heartbreakingly familiar. The fact that he said he wasn't Clara's boyfriend and it wasn't her mistake broke my heart :'(

I don't get this picture. It's just blank.  Oh my gosh! The Silence!


That explains a lot. Wait what does it explain? I forgot. why do I have tally marks on my arm?

Best description of Doctor Who

whenindoubtblowitup: “ cuddle-wuddle: “ What a beautiful response. what a beautiful person. ” oh my god. i have never heard an explanation so perfect.

Captain Jack ~ The Face of Boe

Captain Jack/The Face of Boe. my jaw dropped when I watched this episode.

Oh, what a lonely little time lord. I skipped a few words the first time reading it and it sounded like doge "so lonely. Much alone. Very sad." this wAs supposed to be a sad post and now I'm laughing so hard

Doctor Who - The Girl in the Fireplace and Listen Parallels- Oh, what a lonely little time lord

This was completely unnecessary.  And yet it was.

Noooooo *heart shattering into a million pieces* I hate this part! << OH GOSH THIS HURTS.<-- This, to me, was one of the saddest most horrible parts in the whole series.<--my heart broke during this scene.

Makes me wanna cry... The feels!!! :'(

Afterward by Amelia Williams (Amy Pond)

Amy Pond, the companion with an attitude. OK, all companions seem to have some kind of attitude.

Great Amy Pond Moment

the look on Amy Pond’s face and the revenge in her voice as she openly defies any moral code she is expected to live by as the Doctor’s associate and kills the woman who kidnapped and tortured her daughter