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Hi guys! Animation is always helpful when you want to draw attention to particular aspect while showcasing application design. I present you an animation for a newsfeed and navigation menu opening....

GIF Sticker App

awesome animation idea // GIF Sticker App by Sergey Valiukh for Tubik Manufactory

Location 3 Santa Cruz, California, United States COAST TO COAST  Development on a self initiated project for a dashboard for the world's weather. I wanted to bring abit of personality to the locati...

Weather Dashboard / Global Outlook (3)

Weather Dashboard // Global Outlook UI/UX by Jonathan Quintin, via Behance

Floating burger 2.0———http://ramotion.com

Motion in the world of design is used to describe spatial relationships, functionality, and intention with beauty and fluidity. Motion might sound like a big concept, but when used effectively it is…

Dribbble - Random animated UI / GIF by Olga Bystrova #UImotion

Random animated UI / GIF

MetroLite App by Alex S. Lakas , via Behance

Create an app version for the rose gardens, so that people can get more info about the roses, might be more cost efficient than printing out lots of leaflets. MetroLite App by Alex S.

Dribbble - Fold out Menu [GIF] by Onur Oral

Fold out Menu [GIF]

Dribbble - Fold out Menu [GIF] by Onur Oral, also liked the list layout



Menu interaction GIF by Ben Dunn – Here the animated gif serves as a tool for displaying a whole beauty of a basic menu in action that elegantly slides out from the left side and presents all necessary links.



This is a sliding tab bar I did for a recent client, I know that the tab bar droped behind in popularity for the sliding menus lately but I still get clients asking for them.The problem that I have with tab bars is that they are limited to tabs and …

Tabular swipey