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Wolves hold an almost mythical place in the heart of man. The call of the wild strikes fear and longing into the soul of those who hear it.

Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf Wolves (Canis lupus) are the largest (in terms of size) among the wild relatives of the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris).

Wolf is the guardian of ancient knowledge...stop and listen to their call... by Soul Wolf Journey.

"Wolf is the guardian of ancient knowledge . stop + listen to their call . by Soul Wolf Journey 2012 like share"


Good+Morning+Call+of+an+Arctic+Wolf+-+The+cold+winter+days+show+the+Artic+wolves+in+their+beauty. Der+kalte+winter+Zeit+die+arktischen+Wölfe+in+ihrer+vollen+Pracht. www.


Makes me think of the book series Wolves of the Beyond, these wolves are paw-fast!

That pat you give a friend/ lover when they try and tell you something and it comes out all muddled and your amused but also feel empathetic...

Wolf is one of my power animals. They are very misunderstood. I love this picture of these two white wolves playing. they have families just as we do. We need to protect them.