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Wilting Hibiscus

Boxwood Shrub Planting Information

Wilting hibiscus is a condition that causes the leaves of the plant to take on a little bit of a droopy appearance. Find out about wilting hibiscus with help from an experienced gardening professional in this free video clip.

Propagate Hibiscus Plants during the spring either by stem cuttings or air layering. Try to put at least 15-20 cuttings into a 6” pot if using the stem cutting method.

Learn plant care tips on how to get Hibiscus Plants to produce more flowers, . Send care and identification questions about houseplants to AskJudy

Tree Hibiscus with Geraniums and Scaevola

Tree Hibiscus with Geraniums and Scaevola. I like the idea of using a tiny birdhouse as an accent point within the potted plants.

Tips for Growing Your Own Herbs #Gardening

Tips for Growing Your Own Herbs

Growing your own herbs doesn’t have to be stressful. Relax and learn how to grow a variety of herbs indoors with these tips from DIY Inspired.

Ten Things to Hang on a Pagan Holiday Tree "A yuletide decoration comprising of a potted tree decorated with ribbons and religious symbols."

10 Things to Hang on a Pagan Holiday Tree

The Greenman, Cernunnos /Herne the Hunter. Ten Things to Hang on a Pagan Holiday Tree "A Yuletide Decoration Comprising of a Potted Tree Decorated with Ribbons and Religious Symbols . By Artist Unknown.

Pebble Mosaic Walkway!! How cool is that?

Eclectic Landscape/Yard with Greek wave tile, Custom tile mosaic, exterior stone floors, Pathway, Pebble floor. Love this design.

Betony | Betony Plants | Buy Betony Herb | The Growers Exchange


'if you mix 1 tsp dried wood betony with a tsp of dried chamomile flowers (or 2 tsps fresh) this will stop menstrual cramps.