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Vintage Toliet Paper Ad

Ya got yourself some humorous memes, vintage pictures, inspirational sarcasm & some plum inasane nuttiness.

jpg we had this on hot dog sale days at school

Winston tastes bad, like the one I just had!

Oh, I totally remember the commercials saying this! This was my dad's brand. Remember when TV, radio and everything else had lots of cigarette commercials?

Ha!! Gee, I wonder why this product didn't stand the test of time? "Minipoo" ... ok I know, I get it ... they mean a mini shampoo, but still! Seriously?

I remember this stuff well. It never did anything, except for getting schmutz all over your head and shoulders.

1954 Vintage Ad Necchi Sewing Machine // Old Sewing Ads // Christmas advertisement

1954 Vintage Ad Necchi Sewing Machine // Old Sewing Ads // Christmas advertisement // Sewing Room Wall Art // Sewing Room Decor // Retro Sew

Old Fitzgerald Bourbon Vintage Ad from 1951- Old Christmas Ad, Old Liquor Ads, Old Christmas Ads, bar decor, holiday bar wall decor

1951 Vintage Ad Old Fitzgerald Bourbon // Christmas Prints Wall Decor // Vintage Bourbon Print Advertising // Holiday Bar Decor

Gentlemen, don't let this happen at the barber shop!  Barbers gossip, you know.  (Lifebuoy Health Soap, 1947)

Lifebuoy Health Soap, 1947 (L) and Lifebuoy soap, 1939 & I love how the text squeezes in there between them!

The Redstone Matchbox: Light of India No. 4. Wish these were still in print - loved these postcards! (redstonepress.co.uk)

Redstone Matchbox : Light of India by Julian Rothenstein Merchandise, Other)