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I wish I could have a tree filled with only vintage ornaments. Once I filled a tree with more than 100 vintage ornaments.

Vintage baubles used to great effect, fantastic customised ceiling light

19 Christmas Ornament Decorations Not on Your Tree

Swinging From the Chandelier: Peaches from Aunt Peaches decided to add a festive spin to her chandelier. It's now dripping with crystals and colorful ornaments — we approve!

parna vintage linen and hemp: Pretty vintage

37 Amazing Christmas Dining Room Décor Ideas: 37 Wonderful Christmas Dining Room Décor With Grey Wall And Wooden Dining Table And Chair And Balls Ornament And Chandelier

Shiny and Bright Vintage Christmas Wreath with Deer by Bethsbagz

Home: Eleven lovely holiday wreaths (Bambi does Christmas: Shiny and bright vintage Christmas wreath with deer. Via Bethsbagz.

special ornaments hanging in an empty frame #CKcrackingchristmas

special ornaments hanging in an empty frame.A deep shadow box with and ornate frame attached would allow for gorgeous bigger ornaments to hang. This is a clever idea.

Cute! Love the little tree, the basket, and the little ornaments! It's little, but it doesn't look puny :)

decorate with mini trees through out the house to feel the light and joy from the Christmas tree in every room of the house. Can be simple, or used for a different theme in every room. - my aunt Linda did this. How the holidays make me miss her.

So pretty - Vintage baubles and fairylights for a Christmas tableplan @Rock My Wedding #rockmywinterwedding

Amazing & Wonderful Wedding Favours You’ll Love!

Winter wedding favor idea: Choose an ornament! Hang on Christmas lights. Buy ornaments at the end of the season the year before the wedding. Love it!