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At the end of the day, you can focus on what's tearing you apart, or what's holding you together.

Amor proprio

To the women and a few good men out there. You should be with someone whom adores, respect and appreciate you when they have you. Never settle doe anything less. Because you're worth it.

The Sprinkles on my Ice Cream: Sister Missionary Website: A Resource for All

Modest is Hottest! Respect it! The Sprinkles on my Ice Cream: Sister Missionary Website: A Resource for All

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"The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you.

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"She is a mermaid, but approach her with caution. Her mind swims at a depth most would drown in." J Iron Word

12 Steps for Self Care

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One of the kindest things you can do for yourself is show yourself self-compassion. Get started with these self-compassion affirmations.

How to Practice Self-Compassion: Self-Compassion Strategies and Exercises

Time is priceless.  I love this statement except the last phrase, because I know that my God can redeem my time.

Time is Free, But its Priceless. You cant own it. You cant keep it, but you can spend it. Once youve lost it you can never get it back. - Harvey Mackay ~ God is Heart

This has served our family well...not allowing cancerous, hateful people into our lives has been the best decision we have ever made...our family is sacred....as is our home and our time :)

Learning to Ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace. It's also one of the most fascinating path to evil. Just ignore your conscience, just ignore that voice that tells you that what you are doing is wrong.

"You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you are meant to be." Is your role as an artist was meant to be?  https://www.facebook.com/BlickArtMaterials

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Raw ness is awesomeness

Beauty is only skin deep.