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Preparing for baby - What do you really need? preparednessmama.com

Preparing For Baby: What Do You Really Need?

Preparing for Baby. Walking the aisles I realized there are so many things that look important and that as new parents we’re told we “need” that its laughable.

Some 80 percent of new mothers experience severe mood swings, known as baby blues, and 10 percent suffer major postpartum depression (PPD) in the first year. Here are steps you can take now to safeguard your well-being after the baby is born.

Ways to Prevent Postpartum Depression

Another preparing for baby checklist that includes installing car-seat, calling your ins. co and a trip to the pharmacy.

Pregnancy Lifestyle Tips: How to Make a Smart Baby! Of course we want to do the best we can and have a happy, healthy, and smart baby! This post focuses on 10 ways you can help your unborn baby be the smartest he or she can be.

Pregnancy Tips: How to Make a Smart Baby -

Eating nutrient-packed foods when expecting is important for your growing body and can help support your baby's development. Check out this list of menu .

9 Tips from Moms to Calm a Fussy Baby - I've done almost all of these and they work!

10 Simple Ways To Stop Baby Crying

9 Tips from Moms to Calm a Fussy Baby- check out these simple -- but altogether brilliant -- ways to soothe your baby fast. The baby massages really work.

The Best Baby Naming Sources -- Pregnant Chicken Because I'm a name nerd, and I like to dream about my future children and grandchildren's names. So sue me.

The Best Baby Naming Sources

The Best Baby Naming Sites - Pregnant Chicken. I am a "name nerd", so these don't need to be reserved for when I'm expecting.

Scriptures for pregnancy, labor and delivery. You can also purchase a set of 20 printable scripture cards, with 3 styles to choose from.

Scriptures for pregnancy, labor & delivery

This is awesome. I was going to write down verse for my husband and i to read during labor. Scripture for pregnancy, labor & delivery {Preparing For Baby} - My Joy-Filled Life Not listed but my favorite is John

Strategies for calming your baby

Read this to see if any of the tips apply to Jackson or not.Setting Up a Baby Sleep Schedule From Ahhhhh to Zzzzzzz. The Ultimate Infant Sleep Guide For Bleary-Eyed Parents

The Hospital Packing List...(By far the best list I have found!) Everything on this list she is right about!

Sparkles & Spit Up: "The" Hospital Packing List. I won't be in the hospital but I'll still need a good packed bag :-)

Melatonin, babies, and breastmilk | Ask Dr. Sheryl

Having a crying baby who just won't settle no matter what you do can be incredibly stressful for new parents. Dr Pamela Douglas shares her tips on how to avoid becoming overwhelmed when bub is unsettled.

DIY baby projects: one for every gestation week!

Fun DIY Baby Projects

Here's a list of some fun DIY baby projects, an idea for every week that you are pregnant! Now you have fun projects to keep you busy until baby arrives!

<b>There are just so many little things to keep track of when you're expecting.</b> Just remember: "There's a chart for that."

How to sleep-train your baby:

Definitely don't need this anytime soon, but I might be glad I pinned it someday. You’re eating for two, but what should you be eating?

Pregnancy Diet: What To Eat When You're Pregnant

Pregnancy Diet - What to Eat When Pregnant. A pregnant mom should eat about 300 more calories per day.