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Steven Soderbergh Edits A Space Odyssey -- Soderbergh Recuts Kubrick Classic - Popular Mechanics


”Ghost in the Shell” (japanese: 攻殻機動隊) based on manga of the same name by Masamune Shirow, directed by Mamoru Oshii, animated by Production I.

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Blade Runner spinner flyby

Screenshot of a police spinner flying through a cityscape next to a large building which has a huge face projected onto it. In the distance a screen can be seen with writing and pictures on it

Apocalypse Now The Game Moves To A New Home

Apocalypse Now The Game Moves To A New Home

bottleneck gallery to release terminator & 2001: space odyssey inspired prints by marko manev on tuesday september 17th http://firewireblog.com/2013/09/16/bottleneck-gallery-to-release-terminator-2001-space-odyssey-inspired-prints-by-marko-manev-on-tuesday-september-17th/

Here are a couple of cool new pieces of noir-style poster art for Terminator and A Space Odyssey. The illustrations were done by Marko Manev who also did some really cool noir superhero posters as well that you can check out here.

Adam Fure - Rocks

Adam Fure - Rocks

3d-abstract_hdwallpaper_distant-cyberpunk-future_53360.jpg (1920×1080)

28 Mixed Examples of Sci-fi Digital Art - As you know, there are so many different types of sci-fi art. More than simply spaceships or aliens, we've collected an assortment of inspirational sci

Chesley Bonestell The "Father of Modern Space Art", Chesley Bonestell (1888-1986)- M̲elt

The Artist Who Helped Invent Space Travel - Chesley Bonestell (Saturn seen from Titan -

Kirk. This woulda given me serious endorphins back in the day. Unfortunately, this is from season 3. That doesn't necessarily mean it sucked - but it did.

Star Trek(TOS):James Tiberius Kirk(William Shatner)fires a phaser. This weapon is unique,in that is it is a combination of a laser beam and an atom smasher. This makes it a devastating weapon!