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Tree grafting - Arborsculpture Trees by Dan Ladd

Arborsculpture- old plaited living fences, living chairs,lots of pics and info.

This is some cool stuff, but I don't think I have the patience required!

Arborsculpture: using living trees, grown and grafted in certain fashions, in order to shape them into living structures and furniture.

Studio Bijan H's Being Nature

Studio Bijan H Envisions Using Botanical Hybridization Techniques to Create a Plant Supported Structure

Being Nature by Studio Bijan H envisions a nearsighted biotechnological future that proposes the wielding of specific plant species for the growth and re-articulation of architectural elements.

easy diy art... find sticks or branches and empty frame and hot glue to back of frame. spray paint frame and/or branches for additional effect

Cleverlyinspired: Garage Sale Frame = My favorite piece of ART This is beautiful and inexpensive!

Take any old tool head that has a hole in it, slip it over a young sampling or branch. Then sit down and wait.

Take any old tool head that has a hole in it, slip it over a young sampling or branch.

This entryway was grown by Axel Erlandson in late 1920's He planted 10 trees and simply pruned and grafted the growing tree parts to create this pattern. He built a scrap wood frame behind it to serve as a guide and hold the tree parts still until the grafts had taken. To learn more about this project other projects along with the complete history of Arborsculpture, pick up your copy of Arborsculpture - Solutions for a Small Planet

Design for arborsculpting a gateway

Peter Cook and Becky Northey of Pooktre have perfected a gradual shaping method, which is the shaping of trees as they grow along predetermined designs. With an understanding of tree lore, trees like these are easy to grow and it’s a very satisfying pastime.

Ansel Oommen describes how the ancient practice of shaping trees is resurging, providing inspiration for chairs, bridges to whole houses.

boy chained his bike to a tree when he went to war in 1914. he never returned. his parents left the bike there as a memorial.

Bicycle in tree.On Vashon Island (near Seattle), a tree has a very unusual passenger. As the story goes, a boy went to war in 1914 and left his bike chained to a tree. The tree ate the bike and it remains to this day.