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Gina Corano...MMA fighter- Not only my inspiration but this woman is one bad ass chick! lol Gorgeous from head to toe.  want to look like this and be this healthy one day!

Women get so caught up with being skinny now days. Instead, we should workout and eat well in order to make our bodies strong and healthy. Gina Carano may not be the perfect skinny model but she has a body tougher than nails! work-outs

Yeah, you'd better be a gentleman.

Artes marciales Martial Arts Defensa personal Self defense Chloe Bruce. I love this woman.

For me its going to be putting off that dream

Dream date or BJJ. Fight humor In my case it would be dream guy but ya know lol

yes sir...

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Cristiano Ronaldo Throws Down Choke on Royce Gracie

Two legends meet - Cristiano Ronaldo Throws Down Choke on MMA pioneer Royce Gracie

Unless you're doing a power double. The name even has power.

Martial Arts mentality, quotes, and training inspiration. "It is important to remember, every time you fight power with power, you are not using technique." Royce Gracie / UFC Hall of Famer.