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‘Crew of forty. Four survivors. One distress call…’ - Oxygen - Oxygen, Series Doctor Who - BBC One

“ Doctor who || Oxygen ”

“ Doctor who


An in-depth look at the first trailer for Doctor Who Series

Doctor Who Xmas Special 2016 – Matt Lucas as Nardole – BBC – Photo: Simon Ridgeway

Most annoying character. Sorry Nardole, but I can't see the point of you, even if you are very funny and have a squeaky voice. (Edit: Just saw Extremis, I take it back. Nardole is officially badass!

Doctor Who "Thin Ice" S10EP3

Doctor Who "Thin Ice" S10EP3

Hello, Bill

Hello, Bill

Bill Potts, The Pilot

Doctor Who: New Companion Actress Has Only Seen One Episode

David Tennant in Places he shouldn't be - More like RAPUNZEL in places SHE shouldn't be!

The Doctor is a Disney Princess<<<or is rapunzel a time lord? Or did the Doctor take Rapunzel on an unforgettable journey to see the floating lanterns and pick up a few tricks along the way? Head canon: Flynn rider is the Doctor

This captures Nine perfectly. Oh Nine, how I miss you dearly <\3

The Ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston. The Ninth Doctor

Welcome to the team Clara.

Where do you want to start? - Clara Oswald - Doctor Who Fan Art 11