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Wrestling: a sport where people without pants fight for a belt.

Someone from Fort Collins, Colorado, US posted a whisper, which reads "Wrestling: a sport where people without pants fight for a belt.

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jimmy doesn't listen

jimmy doesn't listen

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this entire board is just dumb weird memes that i unfortunately relate to


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*stabs your gums* dentist: you're bleeding because you don't floss

My charger is a bastard. Seriously. The fucking thing has done this 3x this week. Ugh. FML.

I always plan to wake up with a full charge in the morning to be ready for the day. This meme explains my exact emotions when I wake up and realize my phone wasn't plugged in or didn't charge.

When a song has different parts playing at the same time and you try to sing all of them - GAG

I'm pinning this one because this is so true. My dentist fucking tortured me, my mouth hurt for like a week and this was her excuse.

And I'm over here like "excuse me? You just stabbed my gums and don't want to admit it.

Stoners be like. These "hit blunt" posts make my days. "I have some veggie patties with you!