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▶ Level 2 Floor Routine - YouTube

▶ Level 2 Floor Routine - YouTube

How to teach back walkovers from the beginning - www.swingbig.org

Drills and progressions in order to teach gymnasts how to back walkover. This video begins when gymnasts can bridge, and finishes with back walkovers on beam.

USAG Level 3 Floor Routine 2013

gymnast performing the USAG level 3 floor routine at her first season meet the Thanksgiving Classic, score

▶ Level 5 tumbling drills - YouTube

Drills for dive roll, front handspring and roundoff back handspring-handspring

Skill Progressions #27: Front Handspring on Floor - YouTube

Drills and exercises to help you learn how to do a front handspring on the floor. Tips and tricks to help you improve your front handspring.

Superman handstand flat back vault drill

▶ Superman handstand flat back vault drill - Stand on mat. Reach over barrel In superman and land in flat back on cheese mat