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Fuck Yeah Retail Robin

We get the payroll to do a *LIGHT* cleaning, i. - a tidy up of things that have gotten *slightly* out of place, not to do a full blitzkrieg hazmat cleaning after you.

Some people do not get that the front end is a completely different department. People will look at you like you are, and occasionally imply that you are stupid for not knowing the price of something; it's like asking a Hooters waitress to cook wings.

Now that I work in retail, I totally get this. The short answer is: I DON'T know everything on sale.

Retail Robin AKA My Professional Life @Katie Dugas  I would like to introduce to to our lives!!! miss you :)

Retail Robin AKA My Professional Life Hrubec Hrubec Dugas I would like to introduce to to our lives!

I seriously hate that. Please treat me like a human being.

I pick up one coin at a time to put in the till. If they waste my time. I waste theirs lol

U know... with some of the things I see go on, I probably would seriously question reality if this happened

Ahhhh the days when I first started working retail in the shoe store.and how I hated this

Sometimes they don't even show up though.  :/

Sooooo tired of this nonsense. Nothing ever changes. Just a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off doing a whole lot of nothing