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Extreme dog grooming is a small but growing niche among dog competitions. Yes, it's weird and creative at the same time.

A little tiny herd of alpacas who had their haircuts, except for their sweet little fluffy heads.

Funny pictures about Just A Bunch Of Shaved Alpacas. Oh, and cool pics about Just A Bunch Of Shaved Alpacas. Also, Just A Bunch Of Shaved Alpacas photos.

The Most Fabulous Alpacas Hairstyles Ever

The Most Fabulous Alpacas Hairstyles Ever

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20 Fabulous Dog Haircuts And Hilarious Dog Hairstyles

Lhasa Apso Haircuts

Lhasa Apso Haircuts

Alpacas on a farm in Goeming, Salzburg, are shorn in the spring to make the animals more comfortable for the summer months. However it's not necessarily a case of one style fits all ...

Austrian alpacas show shear delight - in pictures

The Austrian alpacas given retro hairstyles at their annual shave. The annual alpaca shearing is a ritual on the Austrian farm of Alpaca-Land. The alpacas were given stylish new looks by Carina and Erwin Stadler on the farm near in Goeming, nea

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"Besties N Selfies" This is a perfect depiction of Me My Best friend lol

The Mary River turtle, Elusor macrurus, is an endangered short-necked turtle that inhabits the Mary River in south-east Queensland, Australia.  This Mary River turtle has algae growing on its head, but it doesn't seem to mind. In fact, the algae might be beneficial and provide some form of camouflage to avoid predators.

Moss Turtle

The Mary River Turtle (Elusor macrurus) aka the Green Hair Turtle.

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Kuma, a Japanese hair style fashionista, who is a lucky dog. Her owner Yuki likes to do some special fashion hairstyles for her.