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Motivation Minute: weekly fitness and weight loss tips from the exerts at Nationwide Childrens. This week. healthy snacking at work.

Running Program for Absolute Beginners

I look awkward running. You look awkward sitting on the couch. See who awkwardly fits in smaller pants first. It should say "I" look awkward running and "I" look awkward sitting on the couch.

I don't eat chips. For me it's a ridiculous amount of peanut butter

It's not bragging when I tell you how many miles I ran today. It's so you don't judge me when I devour the whole bag of chips.

Love this quote, but the actual post is excellent as well.  It's called "Dear New Runner: An Open Letter".  If you are wanting to get healthy and start running but are not sure where to start, start here.  xoxo

work-is-a-four: “ Best Fitness Quotes Looking for some inspiration to get off the couch? Here are some quotes to get you fired up. ” Most inspiring quotes to get you moving!

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That quote about running being more important than a pedicure is debatable. When I think color on my toes, a black toenail isnt necessarily what I had in mind.

Morning Runs

If You're Running and Aren't Losing Weight, Try This

Early morning runs are my favorite kind of runs. It is in those runs that I pound out any of yesterday's baggage that still may linger while I enjoy the sounds of nature waking up to greet me. Yes, early morning runs are my favorite kind of runs.

Taking 20 minutes to do a handful of drills can dramatically improve your running form and economy (or the ability to run fast efficiently) and increase your stride cadence and racing speed

Essential Drills For Speed And Efficiency. Do these nine drills consistently to help improve running form

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Weekend Reading – January 14th, 2018

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"I don't run to win races. Nor do I run to get places. I run to escape this world. I run to find peace with myself. I run to feel free. And I run to feel strong." Only a runner would understand.

On the last mile, when your legs are tired and your lungs are burning, get angry. Get angry for being tired, then run faster.

Darn that twisted ankle

How To Sprain Your Ankle

YUP THIS IS ME RIGHT NOW! You know you're a runner when you get mad that an injury keeps you from running, not that it damaged your body.

30 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment!

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