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I think it's true.... I always "surprise" people with how I act/am. And I moved a few times so never really kept anyone for THAT long THAT close

I want someone to fully know who i am. I have a lot of people in my life that know things about me but they don't know who I am

I am

i'm in love with the silence that fills an empty room. I do even though in the silence I attack myself. My imperfections. The silence is a war against myself and depression. For some reason I love the calm, quiet depression.

And I'm proud no matter what you tell me, it doesn't matter what is wrong with us or what we've done. Every country has had it's faults. We're still young and blind in the big ol' world.

The ultimate red,white and blue combination: Mickey Mouse patriotic balloons

They're the things that make me happy and what make my memories really

All the little things; like that small smile across the room, like snow on my tongue, or dancing in the rain, just the little things that make life worth living and make me who I am!

Hey sis! :) If you're reading this... I really do! No matter how many times I've been ready to slap you up the back of your head... I still love ya!

i adore my sister. and thats just who i am. {well shes not my sister but my "equivalent other half"