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Tiny Bunny [Spectacular Tiny Sculptures Made of Recycled Watches] [New Jersey-based artist Sue Beatrice, aka All Natural Arts, creates spectacular steampunk sculptures made out of old watch parts.

steam punk tech

Caravan Assault Apparatus: Sculpture by Kuksi. This embodies the definition of "Steampunk.

steampunk_vii_by_remussirion-d72ebb7.jpg (730×1094)

Steampunk fashion- Be sure to check out our YA Dept's Steampunk Civil War Fashion Show on Friday at I would wear this!

steampunk style mini skirt. #mini skirt #steampunk

Utility Belt, Hip Pouch with Attachable Leather Mini Skirt, Semi-Precious Stone, Color Details.via Etsy.

Love the helmet and tattered wings: Steampunk Fairy of Angel “Gárgola Real” by Flavio Zarck #Steampunk #Fairy #Angel

Icarus heading to the sun, cool steam punk, post apocalyptic art or sculpture ,costume inspiration, contemporary gothic vision to love Steampunk Fairy of Angel “Gárgola Real” by Flavio Zarck In Spanish "Gárgola Real” means "Real Gargoyle"

Steampunk Tendencies | Damsel in Dress New Group : Come to share, promote your art, your event, meet new people, crafters, artists, performers... https://www.facebook.com/groups/steampunktendencies

Gray Suiting Triple Laced Corset and Black and White Wren Jacket and Tieranny Skirt in Black and Emerald by Damsel in this Dress

http://www.steampunktendencies.com/-- steampunk violins

I myself play violin, and this is amazing, wish you could buy things like this!

Steampunk heart

Steampunk Heart Pendant Jewelry Fob Charm Watch Gears Mechanical Machine Valentine by:-steelhipdesign LOVE IT

Steampunk ideas corset , pickups , off shoulder, pearls

As The World Falls Down - Corseted Steampunk gown in ivory and white. a compilation of different clothes, styled by the very lovely Kato. There is a dress, corsets, and several different petticoats and leggings somewhere in the outfit." Very pretty!