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Tengo Novio No Jodas

Tengo Novio No Jodas

The Joker.

After re-watching The Dark Knight, I realize Joker has a point about humans. Like, its kinda sad and scary. Joker is the epitome of lunacy: the brilliance behind madness.

Resultado de imagen para tattoo estilo polka design

birds flying through time clock breaks clock broke, time broken time flies tattoo I love the style. Maybe I could get something else like a globe or something to do with geology/paleontology.


back of thigh tatt Indian shaman girl Tattoo Design Tattoo and Body Piercing Gloves owned and operated by tattoo artists (Blind Novility).


Love the idea of watercolor tattoos. I'm not sure how long it would last, or if it would age well.<< I don't think any tattoo will age well.

hands down the coolest tattoo I've ever seen. Love it. just amazing

Vintage London, slave by Matteo Pasqualin / Now this is not just a tattoo, this is a piece of art, soooo awesome