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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Aqua and her Wayfinders

nijuukoo: “ “There is always a way ” I have a lot of emotions about the queen ;______; ”

"That's not true.my heart is strong.I'll prove it!" Agua Quote from Kingdom Hearts Trailer.

Very HD fan Art work from Kingdom Hearts Aqua. https://au.pinterest.com/saahia/kingdom-hearts%2Bfinal-fantasy/

Very HD fanart work from Kingdom Hearts Aqua.

Reaching toward the light

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Aqua, Terra, Ventus and Sora

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Aqua - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

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Aqua fan artwork (in watercolor, I believe)

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This is a page dedicated to uploading high definition Kingdom Hearts Content.

Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

Aqua (Kingdom Hearts) out of all the females in video games she is the one I'm the MOST like. Especially when it comes to protecting and caring for the ones I love. I even unintentionally kind of sound like her when I talk.

キングダムハーツのステンドグラスを再現した巨大時計が1月9日から新宿駅のメトロプロムナードで展示。1点ものの時計にしてプレゼントする企画も - 4Gamer.net

Aqua from Kingdom Hearts