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Fujifilm Natura

Fujifilm Natura

Rollei AFM

Rollei AFM

Fujifilm Klasse w Black 35mm   Point Shoot Camera Fuji Fujinon 28mm EXC

Fujifilm KLASSE W Black 35mm Point & Shoot Camera Fuji, Fujinon 28mm, EXC+

Fujifilm Klasse w Black Point Shoot Camera Fuji Fujinon EXC

Fuji Klasse W

This premium point-and-shoot camera packs a top-notch Fujinon lens and a range of manual functions in its lightweight and compact body.

Broaden your photographic horizons with this ultra-wide angle addition to the Lomography collection of analog cameras - the Sprocket Rocket! Designed to take eighteen panoramic photos on a typical thirty six-shot roll, the Sprocket Rocket allows you to catch all the action, scenery, or city with or without the added character of exposed sprocket holes. With settings to create typical photos in sun or shade, as well as long and multiple exposures, and even wind your film backwards, the…

Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP Camera in Yellow.I like quirky looking things like this