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WW1 Europe

WW1 Europe

Satirical map of WWI Europe: "Het Gekkenhuis (Oud Liedje, Nieuwe Wijs)" or "The Insane Asylum (Old Song, Newly Wise)" by Louis Raemaekers, Amsterdam, 1915

Soldiers and wagons crossing the Antietam Bridge - Sept 1862

Soldiers and Wagons crossing the Antietam Bridge - Antietam, MD, September 1862

Drawing upon the rich resources of the National Archives of the United States, the editors of this project explain how black people traversed the bloody ground from slavery to freedom between the beginning of the Civil War in 1861 and the beginning of Radical Reconstruction in 1867. Supported by the University of Maryland.

The Freedmen and Southern Society Project is producing a documentary history of emancipation during the American Civil War and Presidential Reconstruction,

General View - Richmond, VA, April 1865

Featured - Richmond, the other Capital City