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bucket list for girls

Seriously need one!

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I love my sailor and I would gladly trade my pearls for his dog tags

Just Girly Things

Would love to have an apartment with my best friend. Nothing better then sharing a home together with my best friend. movies and late night snacks which I could share with my best friend which in turn would make this idea the best in the world.


Does a High School "Color Run" count? Kids stood on the side of the street and through cups of colored powder at my face, so technically it could count.

"During the story she [Mary] experiences her first taste of falling in love and her first heartbreak. These scenes were very sweet and developed in a believable manner." #bookreview

Mary of Carisbrooke: The Girl Who Would Not Betray Her King by Margaret Campbell Barnes. Erin says, " This was a good read.

Be in total glam and sass for a day in a fashion show. Done

Model in a fashion show. I got to a few times as a baby and then for Suzy Shier in Grade 9 as well as Mariposa. I also got to be a hair model in grade 10 and model for Guess in grade A fun experience to have at the time.