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obama shaka

obama shaka

Surf time. All the time.

Rent a soft surfboard your very first time out. Don't invest in your own surf board if you've never ever attempted surfing before. At a lot of beaches helpful for surfing, rental areas will be offered near to the beach, offering reasonably inexpensive.

Le mot à la bouche : esperluette « Les Archivistes

deluxe carrying case for an ampersand - marc johns

navdy - YouTube

Navdy: Head­Up Display (HUD) car console that allows drivers to access their smartphone’s apps while keeping their eyes on the road.

Alvin Mason - High Quality nick offerman backround - 1920x1080 px

Nick Offerman aka Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreations present this Movember Moustache Growing video Guide full of tache hints and tips.

Благодаря "балансировке" обоих полушарий мозга, перевернутые асаны, улучшают память, умственные способности и деятельность головного мозга. Когда вы осваиваете новые сложные йога позы, преодолевается страх перед непривычным положением тела, в результате чего появляется уверенность в своих силах не только на коврике, но и в повседневной жизни. С приходом йоги в вашу жизнь, каждая проблема становится по плечу.  #jadeyoga_russia#jadeyoga #moscow #yoga #meditate#yogapose #yogi #fityoga…

Every location bikinis are essential. hiking & cliff edge fun with my to little gypsy cousins keepin it simple in hills and greens as far as the eye can see. none of this building business.

Glassy Pro — Presentation

Glassy Pro — Presentation

Lexus Finally Reveals How Hoverboard Actually Works - 9GAG.tv

Lexus Finally Reveals How Hoverboard Actually Works

From impossible to possible: watch the science behind the Lexus Hoverboard from initial thoughts to final execution. Pushing the boundaries of what is possib.



vintage summer

I was once surfing in the California sun at Zuma Beach - nostalgia is a thing of beauty!

persiguiendo mavericks, nueva pelicula de surf

persiguiendo mavericks, nueva pelicula de surf


As 25 coisas mais inúteis de toda a eternidade


We took the Ford Falcon Station Wagon down to the beach. Let's SURF!

Aprendiendo a coger olas

Aprendiendo a coger olas

tiger #4k wallpaper (4928x3264)

tiger 4k wallpaper (4928x3264)

A couple was stopped to observe a Siberian tiger at a drive-through wildlife park in China when the animal ripped off the car’s bumper and ran away with it.