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Vincent Batling Bloodlust - Coming Soon

Vincent Batling Bloodlust - Coming Soon

2pc Victorian Steampunk Black & Black Damask SATIN Corset w/Damask Bustle Skirt~Coming Soon

God I wish I had great thighs again. Victorian Steampunk Black & Black Damask SATIN Corset w/Damask Bustle Skirt~Coming Soon

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black underbust corset / lingerie / lace bodysuit / all black / curvy / fierce

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Bundle Monster Matching Fashion Accessories - First Amazing Accessory Deals

(Open rp, needs someone to be him.) I had given up hope. They had found me and locked me up. The chains were to strong, even for me. I heard the door creak open. I didn't care. Let them test me. I would rather be killed than here at this point. "Sit down!" I heard a guard yell. I looked up and saw a boy with wings about my age be shoved to the ground. The guard locked him up and slammed the door shut.

Spiral Direct Enslaved Angel Wings Lace Neck Black Fitted Viscose Tshirt Top in Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, Women's Clothing, Tops & Shirts


cyber goth / industrial / raver / purple & black / post apocalyptic inspiration for women

She is NOT a Monster.Only when someone want destroy her human nature, then she is your greatest enemy the resident evil. It comes from her mother, the nature, When you want figth against the nature with your money-grabbing, she destruct you complete. Think about it, In this war, wich you have self  begins it can give only one looser: YOU. Go and make peace with mother nature or she get's you. Stop the poison !

As someone with a problem with anything to do with eye, this really freaks me out! I am loving this look though and I think would e really striking with a horror bride or vampire Halloween costume.