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Image from http://orig12.deviantart.net/2afb/f/2015/175/0/9/mangle_x_springtrap_by_xxfnaffangirlxx-d8ylf01.png.

Image from http://orig12.deviantart.net/2afb/f/2015/175/0/9/mangle_x_springtrap_by_xxfnaffangirlxx-d8ylf01.png.

Do you see me standing here? by CristalWolf567

The next scene of FNAF is Finished! The FNAF and Fangle scene that i always make is the trailor of the comic!

Just a drawing of Mangle. Hope you like!

Here's to you, that vixen who plays on her stage. I hope you like it. Art (c) By Me Mangle/FunTime Foxy/Foxina (c) By Scott Cawthon

Springtrap,Mangle and Foxy.                    FNAF

reminds me of my big brother (springtrap) and then me (mangle) and then my little brother (foxy)

:Human FNaF: What's in the dark? by Ask-Human-Springtrap.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Admin: Myeshhhh Plushtrap is Springtrap son! annnd Fan girls are going to kill meh----  Springtrap, Plushtrap and ? design by meh-- [Bon Chan~] [.

Wait wait?? Why is the flag is thai flag?!?!? XD (sorry for my bad english)

[comic] First day of school by BelovedMeimei on DeviantArt (of course that would be spring traps car XD)

FNAF: Mangle by ZuTheSkunk on DeviantArt

--------------- Meant mostly to be just silly rather than funny. Made primarily as a tryout for the designs of these characters. Mike Schmidt and Springtrap are present at the same time because scr.

Fnaf Bday game 6 ( I think ). Mangle baked cookies with me because I make her happy.... Aww how sweet . What did you guys get?

Thing:Golden freddy loves you! Me:😑🔫 Golden Freddy:soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wanna go out? Me:Grabs water gun and shoots Golden freddy (cuz he robot) Golden Freddy:👻 DED -Donna