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Début des 5 à 7 communautaires à l’École Gault | INFOSuroit.com

Début des 5 à 7 communautaires à l’École Gault | INFOSuroit.com

Learning Tools Over the Years: When was the last time you used a tape recorder or a slide projector? That's what we thought. In the age of technology, we can do just about everything online or with our smartphones. Whether its shopping or learning, students are using modern technology to make their experiences virtual.

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I wish I didn't need to apologize so frequently! Just keep trying to do better.

It is extremely important that our children see from us what we want them to learn. This especially means apology and forgiveness as many of us struggle with this. But if you don't admityour mistakes to your children, you plant seeds of doubt and injury.

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It seems like kids are constantly calling each other names, teasing and roughhousing. But when kids get hurt, how do you know whether they've crossed the line into bullying?


Don't wade through troubled waters. Redemption is the bridge. Redemption not retribution. Love never fails.

If Learning Was Water Infographic - http://elearninginfographics.com/learning-water-infographic/

The If Learning Was Water Infographic presents via metaphor what's a gamified course, what is micro learning, blended learning and informal learning.