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"Siberian Long Haired Frog" - this is a hoax, but there is a Hairy Frog native…                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The hairy frog (Trichobatrachus robustus), also called horror frog or Wolverine…

Photoshop Animals

The squirrel duck, squirrel cat, and wolf owl are actually really cool!

Strawberry Frog #photomanipulation

strawberry frog ~ species of small amphibian poison dart frog found in Central America - NOT! This isn't the real strawberry frog!

25 Clever & Bizarre Animal Photo-Manipulations (Part 1) | The Inspiration Blog

Jan Oliehoek, Dutch digital artist, from Leiden, Netherlands. Hippofrog I, Photo manipulation;

teapots teapots teapots (probably a photo manip,  but still beautiful)

teapots teapots teapots (probably a photo manip, but still beautiful). Looks sooo real

zebra frog [photoshop fake! This is a white form of Phyllobates terribilis that has zebra stripes taken from a different photo over top]

Leptopelis zebra or zebra frog - in the Arthroleptidae family found in Cameroon…