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How I feel when I text... hahhahahahaha that is an awesome thing to say to someone who waits 30 minutes to reply to a text... my arm just got chopped off by a psycho killer

People who take ages to reply text messages. Though 30 minutes is a bit impatient. 3 days, on the other hand.

A real man buys his girl tampons quotes - Google Search

I feel like this is a text conversation I would have.and that's why my girlfriend loves me as well. But our "fun time" is all about pumpkin carving and Disney movies :)

lol so funny but take the S word out and say "well ok"

Then he went to burger shot and yelled at the clerk, "whats your nam!" The clerk said, "Squidward haha" I said, " Give me the krabby pattie formula!

Lmao!! You thought

Pink Toothbrush/Mercedes - Relationships - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED >>> Poor girl.