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And summed up the bridge scene, too. | 26 Tumblr Posts About "Star Wars" Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

26 Tumblr Posts About "Star Wars" Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Poor Kylo... #not #starwars

"Friendly reminder that Anakin, Leia, Luke and Kylo have all seen at least one of their parents die." "Wow I Can't Believe Kylo Had To Deal With That How Awful For Him"

BB-8 and K-2SO. Force Awakens and Rogue One

So basically is a cute puppy and is a cat that knocks things off the counter on purpose.


An entry from Indubitably jetsam

You Shall Not Pass Gandalf Obi-Wan Lord of the Rings Star Wars Meme Crossover!

this is possibly the greatest thing I've seen all week

Obi-Wan feeding the twins: Here comes the plane! - at a reasonable speed, taking care to observe all laws with its passengers securely fastened nod if you understand Luke.

"Palpatine's Kitchen" Comic by Quad Force Five — GeekTyrant

"Palpatine's Kitchen" Comic by Quad Force Five

'Palpatine's Kitchen' - Star Wars Comic by Quad Force Five - EpicStream this is funny for alderaan reasons


So basically Zuko and Ursa and Azula and Ozi, but Leia hopefully wouldn't turn out insane?

****SPOILER EP. 8***** Excuse the language in the name, but this is good.

Now if only Kylo hadn't decided to be supreme leader. like DUDE you and Rey are meant to be but not if you keep screwing everything up!

Oh! Trust me, I DIDN'T UNDERRATE ANY OF THESE. They're like my favorite parts

Guy walking in, seeing Snoke dead, the guards dead, and everything on fire. And his reaction is to pull a gun to execute Kylo Ren and take over.