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Befi's Circle: Girls Can Like Football Too!

Shopping carts should have - at the very least - front bumpers covered in broken shards of glass & cacti for people who aisle-hog. Or maybe just a horn.

I+grocery store and Walmart! Hate going shopping. can't+tell+you+the+number+of+times+I've+fantasized+about+running+my+cart+into+the+heels+of+the+stupid+people+that+block+the+aisles+at+the+grocery+store.

Learned: lyrics to random song. Gone forever:  Calculus.

I learn something new every day. And forget five other things forever. story of my life!

I open a text and mentally respond then forget to actually respond.

Free, News Ecard: I open a text and mentally respond then forget to actually respond.

36 Of Our Favorite Parenting Memes - LDS SMILE

36 Of Our Favorite Parenting Memes

ADKD: Attention Deficit Kid Disorder: When you attempt to wash dishes but first must fix a blanket fort, fish a toy from behind the fridge, find a binky, sing the ABCs, and. hang on I hear crying. Pennington - this is our life!


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Poor Destinee

Free and Funny Breakup Ecard: There may be two sides to every story, but you're still a douche in both of them.

Ahahaha! Sorry it's a bit crude but seriously, some days... This is just so totally accurate

how i feel a lot lol Roses are dead, violets are fine. This day sucks balls. I really love wine.

Not pole dancing, but regular dancing. This totally happened last weekend lol.

Ahh yeah, one of the reasons I don't drink often. Funny Weekend Ecard: Those five seconds where you go from tipsy to pole dance wasted.

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Sorry I've been such a lousy friend! I've been busy being an Awesome Mommy!

Best funny quotes of the week, Top 30

Best funny quotes of the week, Top 30

If I was dating myself, I would surprise myself with starbucks every morning and it would be adorable. best boyfriend ever.

Funny Confession Ecard: I can't cook & hate to clean, but I'm certain my expertise in sarcasm & raiding the Target clearance section makes me a rare gem. This is me.