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Game of Thrones, Family Guy style

Game of Thrones, Family Guy style-- meg is Hodor lmao

The Battle of the Trident by AbePapakhian, via deviantart

The Battle on The Trident - Lord Robert Baratheon (Yellow) Kills Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (Black & Red)

Janos Slynt's execution

Janos Slynt's execution

Jojen encounters a problem.  I think the best part of this isn't the fact that "greenseeing" sounds like "greenie", but just the sas that he has in pushing away the thought.

Jojen encounters a problem

Poker Game of Thrones #got #agot #asoiaf

Game of Thrones Poker T-Shirt "A Card Game of Thrones" shows the major houses sitting down at the table like some dogs playing poker.