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That moment when you would like to have a Doctor in your family... #DavidGandy #LCMAW16 #Day3 | by @joincomb

That moment when you would like to have a Doctor in your family.

Oversized and longline garments are having a moment. A daring trend worth trying out to neaten things up. It seems size does matter after all.

I can’t control my hands… they seem to have developed a mind of their own. They grasp her face and pull her towards me. Our foreheads meet and we simultaneously let out a deep sigh.   “It’s been too long,” I weakly offer.   She hitches a breath and tries so hard to respond to me, but I can see by the reflection of pain in her eyes that she can’t convey her words. I seize the moment and crush my lips to hers. She doesn't pull away...  ©© J.L. Thomas 2014

To me this picture tells the whole story perfectly

Queen Lavina and Thomas < queen with her child

I look down at the sleeping baby in my arms." My newborn daughter curls her tiny hand around my finger.

Mariano do Vaio in a slick black bomber jacket (leather and anima print?!).

Random Inspiration 121

Nice Mariano Di Vaio’s Slicked Back Hairstyle for

The Shiny Squirrel

Billionaire Boys Club black and white logo print sweatshirt

vini uehara - Google'da Ara

"Damn boy, you're as sweet as heaven & as hot as hell" i say crossing my arms with a playful smirk. "Well you're a HOT MESS and I'm falling for you" Jacob fire.

LOOKBOOK: Hitchhiking - Vini Uehara

LOOKBOOK: Hitchhiking

LOOKBOOK: Hitchhiking - Vini Uehara

People. Guys. Men. Confidence. Style. Cool. Indie. Dapper. Rugged. Beards. Hair. Man Buns. Tees. Suit & Tie. Denim. Clean Cut. Distinguished. Tattoos. Jawlines. Eyes. Strong.

Chris John Millington - full thick dark beard works well with this haircut!

vini uehara <3

Amazing shoot with Mavi