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A Dinosaur Brain from Bexhill-on-Sea

A team of international researchers have identified the first fossilised remains of a dinosaur's brain known to science.

Were the Very First Snakes Marine Animals?

New research suggests that the primordial snake Tetrapodophis amplectus may have been a marine animal and not a burrower as previously thought.

New Dinosaur Track Exhibit Opened at Moab (Utah)

An extensive dinosaur trace fossil site has been opened near to Moab (eastern Utah), visitors can see Early Cretaceous dinosaur footprints and other trace

Mexico City Mammoth Find

A construction team digging drains near Mexico City have uncovered the fossilised remains of a Columbian Mammoth.

Four-feet long spikes plug a four-million-year gap in the fossil record of horned dinosaurs.  A stratigraphic profile of the Wahweap and the Kaiparowits Formation.

A definition of the some of the common terms to define rock units used in geology.

Contour feather comparison in the Avialae etc.

Modern discoveries indicate that many dinosaurs might have been feathered like birds rather than scaly as popular Hollywood films like Jurassic Park depict

Comparing different views on the dinosaur family tree.  Root and branch reform of the dinosaur family tree.

Comparing different views on the dinosaur family tree. Root and branch reform of the dinosaur family tree.

Dinosaur death poses - updated research.

An update on the research into the death throes of dinosaurs, the posture that many dinosaur skeletons seem to adopt when fossilised.

Dinocephalosaurus - The Only Known Viviparous Archosauromorph

Scientists have discovered evidence of viviparity in a member of the Archosauromorpha, a infraclass of reptiles that includes Pterosaurs and Dinosaurs.

Brazil's Biggest Dinosaur To Date Austroposeidon magnificus

Scientists announce the discovery of Brazil's biggest dinosaur Austroposeidon magnificus.

Apatoraptor pennatus - Helps to Tie Together the Caenagnathidae

A new species of Canadian dinosaur has been announced - Apatoraptor pennatus. It is a member of the Caenagnathidae and a feathered dinosaur too.

Ixalerpeton polesinensis and Buriolestes schultzi Co-existed

New research suggests that early dinosaurs and their close relatives co-existed in the Triassic and that Sauropod plant-eating dinosaurs were descended from

Giant Abelisaurid Footprint Discovered in Bolivia

The fossilised footprint of a giant dinosaur, probably an abelisaurid has been discovered in southern Bolivia.

Surprise Discovery of Dinosaur Tracks At Tourist Hot Spot

A beachcomber has discovered a series of three-toed dinosaur footprints at a popular tourist beach (Cable Beach) in Western Australia

Primary school children show off their knowledge about dinosaurs as they study prehistoric animals as part of a term topic.

Poems About Dinosaurs with Key Stages 1 and 2 A term topic about dinosaurs, rocks and fossils helps teachers to introduce elements of the science curriculum