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Straw bale lime render

Straw bale lime render

straw bale house designs | straw or hay bale gardens? - Garden Experiments Forum - GardenWeb

Straw bale construction-diagram (I heard that hay bales don't burn. Another good reason, besides insulating value, to use this construction.

Constructiing a New Strawbale House - Design, Plans, Construction Pictures, Budget, Advantages, Straw Bale Homes Open for Visiting, Reference Materials

This website details the building of a small straw bale home - including design, plans and construction photos. Also links to other natural building projects.

So many design options when working with straw-bale

So many design options when working with straw-bale - DIY hobbit house!

Earthbag Homes Cheap and Easy to Build!

Earthbag Homes Cheap and Easy to Build!--now that would make a fun playhouse.

Looking for a nice passive solar home design.

Passive solar strawbale home - 1190 sq.

earthbag building

Iranian Architect Nader Khalili Built Earth Buildings Fit for Space

Straw-bale, rustic beams, resident rock, a few logs, a fireplace, lots of cushions and a pebble floor (ouch). Nice space?

Cave Home Luxury Home Decor Rustic Lounge With White Interior House Design Wall And Fireplace Wooden Ceiling Desing Beautiful Pebble Stone Mosaic Tiles Also Couch Lots Of Pillows of Amazing Decoration Rustic Interior Design from Interior Ideas

sandbag houses | It took 6 weeks to build this earthbag home and cost around $5000 ...

A writer living in Turkey in an earthbag home she built herself. Wonderful website on earth bag building, ditching the daily grind, etc.

Yes, thank you!

a bathtub that is sunk into the floor! Its like a pool in your bathroom! a bathtub that is sunk into the floor! Its like a pool in your bathroom!

Inexpensive earthbag built homes, sheds, or perimeter walls.

Tiny Earthbag Homes - Tiny House Listings

Earthbag building inspiration

nice circular entry, of superadobe (earthbag building)

Homemade Lime Plaster for Earthbag House | Superadobe Cob Wall Mixture

Homemade Lime Plaster for Earthbag House

Installing Hot-water Radiant Heating Systems for a Straw Bale Home and a Trailer

Pictures of Straw Bale House Construction (Part Shooting Lime Stucco Plaster, Installing In-Floor Radiant Heating, Making an Adobe Block Floor, Building Wall Partitions with Straw and Clay (COB)<br>

cob interior. You can build in seating/ furniture as you construct the dwelling place.

50 Stunning Homes Built Into Nature

Modern cob home. Cob, cobb or clom (in Wales) is a building .

bale construction

Will Insulating With Straw Catch Fire?

Architects and builders are responding to demand for so-called green buildings by using straw-bale construction in more and more public facilities, raising concerns about safety and creating construction challenges.