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This infrared image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shows a striking example of what is called a hierarchical bubble structure, in which one giant bubble, carved into the dust of space by massive stars, has triggered the formation of smaller bubbles.

Star Formation

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Galaxies CollideCredit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO/E. Nardini et al; Optical: NASA/STScI Monday, May 6, 2013: An enormous cloud of hot gas envelopes two large, colliding galaxies. The system called NGC 6240, called a halo, contains two merging spiral galaxies, each similar in size to our own Milky Way. The two galaxies both contain a supermassive black hole at their centers, which spiral toward each other.

Chandra :: Photo Album :: NGC 6240 :: April 2013 An enormous cloud of hot gas is surrounding two merging spiral galaxies. This gas reservoir contains the mass of 10 billion suns, spans light years, and radiates at more 7 million degrees.

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I am alive at night. I am dead in the morning… — Anne Sexton, “Moon Song, Woman Song,” The Complete Poems

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Emerald Gemstones The new discovery also has significant implications for the Judeo-Christian worldview, offering strong support for biblical beliefs.

Bubble Nebula

The Bubble Nebula (NGC This world is really awesome. The woman who make…

The sword on Orion. Interesting idea for nebula or universe tattoo. For similar photos... http://hubblesite.org/gallery/album/entire/hires/true/

The Sword Of Orion ~ The Orion constellation is noticeable for three medium-bright stars in a short, straight row. These stars represent Orion’s Belt. If you look closely, you’ll notice a curved line of stars “hanging” from the three Belt stars.

The constellation of Orion. You can see the Flame Nebula, Horsehead Nebula and M42. The  Belt stars from left to right are Alnitak, Alnilam, & Mintaka

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Young stars cooking in the Prawn Nebula | Petimbo. Repinned by Zach Jonesmay

Prawn Nebula/Petimbo/Not sure if this is 'art' or real. 'Petimbo' is artist on DeviantArt. Yet there is a Prawn Nebula, but not found in these colors. Constellation Scorpius, IC is an emission nebula.