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Literacy the Nixa Way!: Text Dependent Question Examples for Informational Text

Here are some sample text dependent generic questions for discussing informational texts with individuals, small groups, and the whole .





Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About Selfies | Infographic - UltraLinx

Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About Selfies

The Psychology of Selfies: Why We Love Taking and Viewing Face Photos -

Free printables to tell stories/songs/activities on a magnet board. Possible use in a language classroom

letter people printable - make magnets or figures for a flannel board ~ from Serving Pink Lemonade

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Connect to your brokerage account for live trading.

content-marketing-predictions-2013-15728618 by Global Copywriting via Slideshare

The Rise of the CCO (Chief Content Officer)! Check out Social Media and Content Marketing Predictions for 2013



Why You Should Also Be Thinking About ASKING Questions During Your Interview

The mastermind group facilitator doesn’t have to be the smartest in the room.

Teaching Text Features and Neat Guided Reading Tool--Students use finger lights from Amazon to track print and use a song to the tune of the SpongeBob to remember the features of non-fiction text!

Teaching Text Features and Neat Guided Reading Tool (Second Grade Perks)

Picture walks are a common pre-reading activity. This same reader habit can be applied to informational texts and their visual elements--text features.

Terrific Idioms Anchor Chart that kids will really love! It's not that hard to make, is a sure attention getter and gets the point across. A win, win, win!

Here is the Idioms Anchor Chart I created for a grade classroom! Use it with a smaller example that has a picture with the literal meani.

Scholarship Interview Questions

How to Answer the 10 Most Common Scholarship Interview Questions

Why A Social Media Command Center Is In Your Future [Infographic]

Why A 'Social Media Command Center' Is In Your Future [Infographic]

The Anatomy of the Social Media Command Center on BeingYourBrand (via Cool Infographics)

7 Ways Social Media Makes Nonprofits Better

7 Ways Social Media Makes Nonprofits Better

Redhill Dog Walk - June 2011 - Gay Parking Only? by Friends I'm Back, My Worst Ever Predict