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Beware of the fucktards!

I am fucking ballistic! These mother fucking assholes that report us should be crucified while we all watch!

at attention

My middle finger salutes you. Favorite Way to salute things!

I wish my eyes could  take  photos

Sometimes I think to myself I wish my eyes were really a camera I would have captured so many wonderful photos! Sometimes the camera can't get what you see through your eyes.

And one day I plan to screen in the deck off our master bedroom, and attach a tin roof.  Would love a sleeping porch!  :) ❤

This is so true that on the nights it isn't raining, I sleep to the sound of artificial rain. though it simply can not compare to the real thing. The best thing to fall asleep to is the sound of a raging thunderstorm.

Change is inevitable..

Motivational Monday + Linkup #13

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong. -Mandy Hale by deeplifequotes, .


What Are You Feeling?

Strength comes from overcoming challenges. There is no single person who has been successful who has not overcome obstacles and displayed determination and resilience. I like this as a tattoo idea.

............ warm-fuzzy-feeling: being home alone, blasting music, singing loudly dancing crazily

Pretty much my life story when im home alone.I do this all the time.