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This lady is my current bellydance idol. I'm loving Samia Gamal and I'm taking lots of inspiration from her while I work on my next choreography- a vintage golden era performance. She is a well known icon for all bellydancers and you can find many of her performances from old movies on YouTube.  #samiagamal #goldenerabellydance #colourful #colourpop #arabiannights #arabicgirl #bellydancestar #bellydancer #bellydanceinspo #dancegoals #dancer #learnaskill #choreograph #takeinspiration…
This gown oh wow!
Greta Garbo Born Greta Lovisa Gustafsson 18 September 1905 Stockholm, Sweden Died 15 April 1990 (aged 84) New York, New York, U.S. Death: Pneumonia and Renal failure
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Old Movie Title Card Birthday Party Invitation | Custom Printable PDF and JPG    "The Birthday Party" a classic old film from the golden era of vintage Hollywood starring ...* exciting drumroll* ...YOU, my dear! The seats of this theater may be empty now but trust me, this is a show that no one will want to miss! Could I possibly be more cheesy? Stay tuned to this channel and find out. Sources point to: MOST DEFINITELY.