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Concert Hall in Blaibach  To see more visit www.urbnet.de Right in the middle of a square in the city of Blaibach stands a curious stone-clad structure. The Concert Hall designed by architect Peter Haimerl brings forth a place to celebrate culture while maintaining the visual integrity and sound isolation for the surrounding neighborhood.

Concert Hall in Blaibach

To revitalize the center of Blaibach, Germany, Munich-based Peter Haimerl Architektur has designed the town’s concert hall (Konzerthaus Blaibach) as a solitaire of concrete, which emerges from the ground with an inclined orientation.


A Tilted, Submerged Concert Hall by Peter Haimerl Architektur

The Peter Kiewit Concert Hall at the Holland Performing Arts Center | Omaha, Nebraska   ||   Another fine, new concert hall; acoustic design is now a "science," not an art, by way of computer modeling.  The best configuration, the right features, skilled design and acoustic science create a concert hall that is very pleasing by any measure.  And, typically it is designed in a inoffensive, pleasing standard corporate modernist style that is guaranteed not to challenge anyone's expectations.

The Peter Kiewit Concert Hall at the Holland Performing Arts Center is home to the Omaha Symphony. In addition, they have cooperated with Nebraska Shakespeare Company to bring renditions of Romeo and Juliet.

Концертный зал в Торуни

All photos by Jakub Certowicz via Dezeen Over in Toruń, Poland, Spanish architect Fernando Menis has unveiled the newly completed CCK Jordanki concert hall, a venue he designed for.


Você vai se surpreender quando conhecer o interior dessa casa de 200 anos

Buchner Bründler Architekten - Casa d'Estate, Linescio I like the tub spout going up, over, and around the existing beam in the bottom image. Via, photos © Ruedi Walti. Buchner Bründler recently.

Gallery of Great Amber Concert Hall / Volker Giencke - 19

Gallery of Great Amber Concert Hall / Volker Giencke - 19

Image 19 of 20 from gallery of Great Amber Concert Hall / Volker Giencke.