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One Direction Imagines! (Harry Styles) - Imagine 7! :)

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One Direction Imagines

I wouldn't mind answering questions. My problem is I would be having an anxiety attack and then he'd definitely have to pull me away from the crowd.

One Direction Imagines

Surprise hehe Harry: Baby your here! Me: Hehe hello sweetie *hugs him* Harry: *hugs me back* I missed u! *spins me around* Me: Ah haha hazz Niall: My gbff is here Liam: Gbff? Niall: Girl best friend forever Me: Haha and it's my bbff

She is so perfect! I love her!

She's so freaking perfect omg I need a sister/brother relationship like this ! Love Gemma xxx<< so do I. It's so funny and so adorable and I love it<<can i marry gemma styles?