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When the car in front of you

This season of Power has been amazing. Check out the most hilarious memes from season We promise they’ll have you rolling.

5 Signs That A Woman Is Angry With You (Funny Relationship Pictures) - #angry #different #silent #women #yelling

Five signs that a women is angry with you. She’s silent. She’s yelling. She acts the same. She acts different. She murdered you.

i don't know why i found this so funny. but i am still loling.

Hello, Is that Balls?

Hello Yes, This is Balls - Talented Dog Makes Phone Call with Balls: This dog really is talented. He can dial the phone with his balls and speak too.

Sochta hoon woh kitne masoom thy

FRIENDSHIP - Community - Google+

FRIENDSHIP - Community - Google+

poetry in urdu - Google Search

Ishaq k nashay mai doobay to yeh jana


Dono khudar thy itne

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